I decided to finally quit procrastinating and tackle the setup of my work area in the workshop I’m now sharing with my husband in the new house we moved into in May 2020. 

Because the room is tucked behind our pantry storage room, I only look in there when absolutely necessary. Hence my out of sight, out of mind attitude all summer. And my workshop corner had become a disaster zone since we moved in! 😳

After setting up the shelves, bins and workbench, they are ready to go for project work this winter. My plan is to get back into carving and embellishing new mini doors. I also want to create mini garden houses and lots more yard accessories. After all, I have an entire mini village planned outside next summer. 

This workshop setup is where I’ll build all the stuff too messy for my upstairs studio. When I pull out my Dremel and start carving wood, there’s gonna be sawdust everywhere! 

I’ve also made room in my area to store all the mini garden stuff currently outside. I bring all the houses, fairies, gnomes, elves, animals and assorted yard parts indoors every winter. With autumn now upon us, I'll need to make time in the next couple of weeks to bring all that stuff in. It's always a sad day when the mini folk leave for the winter.